The Impact of Women Leaders on Company Success
Despite some progress in recent years, women are still discriminated against in the business environment. In companies that make up the S&P 500 stock index, only 8.2% of executive positions are held by women. By comparison, 40.5% of women have middle management positions. So, the higher the position, the less likely it is to be held by a woman.

It is a depressing statistic. By building barriers for women leaders and not investing resources in their development, companies lose not only social points but also profits. We want to explain this correlation in more detail.
Developing female talent in companies
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1. Why are women the best leaders?

Gallup found that female leaders are likely to create higher levels of employee satisfaction and have a better impact on the team's overall mood. You may respond that satisfaction is a subjective factor. But there are more objective ones.

Companies with women in leadership tend to be more successful than companies where women rarely or never hold those positions.

But why does this happen? The reasons probably lie in the following:
  • Many studies indicate that women are more likely to have advanced empathy skills and the ability to communicate effectively. These qualities allow them to understand their coworkers' needs and motivations better, build trusting relationships, and resolve conflicts.
  • Women, faced with sociocultural and structural constraints in society, are often forced to develop flexibility and adaptability. These qualities can be helpful in leadership, especially in fast-paced and competitive environments.
  • Everyone is different, and women can bring unique perspectives and ways of thinking to a team. Diversity in problem-solving approaches can be crucial to innovation and success.
2. Perspectives and experiences brought by women leaders

The qualities and experiences of women leaders can help organizations become more successful, innovative, and adaptive in today's competitive business world. Companies with female leaders think more flexibly than their conservative counterparts.

In addition, women leaders create a favorable environment for attracting and retaining talent. This, too, has a positive impact on driving innovation.

But that's not all. Women tend to be cautious and assess risks more carefully. Their ability to analyze and think through can help mitigate risks and stabilize an organization. This becomes critical in crises. And research confirms that women excel in leadership positions during crises.
3. The Role of Women Leaders in Building a Positive Company Image

A positive company image is the key to long-term relationships with partners and investment success.

Women leaders play a key role in building a positive company image. Their presence at the top sends a strong message that the organization is open to diversity and inclusion. This not only demonstrates the company's ability to attract and retain talent regardless of gender, but also creates a supportive environment for the development of all employees.

Emphasizing women leaders also contributes to a more flexible and adaptive company brand that can respond effectively to changes in the social and economic environment. Research shows that organizations with diverse leadership are more successful in building long-term relationships with customers and earning a reputation as a trusted partner, both business and socially.
Those companies with female CFOs and CEOs achieve higher stock prices: for example, within 24 months of appointing a female CEO, the stock price increases by an average of 20%.
4. The relationship between women in management and the financial success of a company

The combination of factors that women in executive positions create makes a company more likely to succeed financially.

Companies with more than 30% women in executive positions tend to perform better than companies with between 10 and 30% women in this category. Moreover, these companies are more likely to outperform companies with fewer or fewer women in executive positions. There is a significant difference in the probability of outperformance between the most and most minor gender-diverse companies, at 48%.

Those companies with female CFOs and CEOs achieve higher stock prices: for example, within 24 months of appointing a female CEO, the stock price increases by an average of 20%.
5. How can companies help develop women leaders?

Companies seeking successful development and growth must actively support and strengthen the potential of their female workforce. To do this, they can undertake various activities to support and develop women leaders within the organization.

What kind of activities might these be?
  1. Creating mentoring programs where experienced leaders can share their experience and knowledge with women early in their careers.
  2. Providing access to educational resources, such as organizing trainings, workshops, and courses focusing on leadership skills, communication, time management, and other competencies necessary for successful leadership.
  3. Create an inclusive culture where women feel welcomed and supported. This may include challenging prejudicial attitudes, supporting family commitments, and ensuring equal opportunities for all employees.
  4. Incentivize internal growth and development, such as participation in high-priority projects, participation on committees and project teams, and support for additional education or certifications.

These measures help companies build robust and influential women leaders, contributing to the organization's overall development.
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6. Conclusion

Fostering gender diversity isn't just a matter of equity; it's a strategic imperative for companies aiming to remain competitive in today's dynamic business landscape. Research consistently demonstrates that diverse teams, including those with a balanced representation of women in leadership, are more innovative, adaptable, and better equipped to understand and serve various markets. As such, embracing initiatives to empower and advance women within your organization isn't just the right thing to do — it's a powerful driver of growth and success.

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